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As a young child, my relationship with the earth and nature was gifted to me.  Growing up in Minnesota, surrounded by lakes and nature, I had parents who appreciated those surroundings.  I spent most of my time, year-round, outside.  My love of plants and growing things were set in stone. 

Having moved to New York over 35 years ago, the love of nature moved indoors, above concrete, but never faded.   I, however, was motivated during the pandemic of 2019 to take over a small ¾ acre NYC Park, Winston Churchill Square.  Thus began the renaissance into BLAH BLAH BLAH

My life has always been about creation, art, and transforming surroundings into aesthetically pleasing experiences:  from fashion and textiles to ceramics and gardens.  All things originate from the earth and nature; dyes to enhance our clothing, clay is one of the most fundamental gifts to man.  Every day I am amazed to find that over the years, clay, nature, and now horticulture has challenged me and taught me about myself. 

“The ceramics I create transcend the purely functional mindset of pottery in favor of a more visual and textural language that has evolved out of observations and experience: out of nature and culture.  I find the bits of randomness and disorder most inspiring.  Nature, culture, and my life’s processes are sources of ideas and inspiration.

There is an element in human nature - spiritual, physiological, chemical - that relates all people to each other.  It speaks a common language, creates of us a common culture, and to everyone is, in some way, known.  My work seeks to suggest rather than name that element.”

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